Special Botanical Reserve Mali Kalnik significant landscape.

Special Botanical Reserve Mali Kalnik significant landscape.

Morphological and landscape najizdvojeniji Kalnik part which is above the contour lines of 410 feet protected in 1985. years under the protection of nature as a "Special Botanical Reserve Mali Kalnik".

It is located within a larger, also protected by a whole - a significant landscape Kalnik and occupies an area of 5.35 hectares. It emphasizes the picturesque, jutting, rocky ridge crest Waste Barbara. The specificity of the relief, soil, climate, exposure and hydrological relationships gave the botanical specificity of this site.

So in the "Special Botanical Reserve Mali Kalnik" we notice the presence of some Mediterranean, Illyrian, and Pontic alpine plants. Particularly important plant species: alpine primrose (Primula auricula), hydatidiform saxifrage (Saxifraga aizoon), golden lily (Lilium mortagon) Suručić (Spirea chamaedrifolia), cherry (Prunus mahaleb), Kalnik carnation (Dianthus plumarius), mossy merinka (Moehringia muscosa) and other interesting and valuable species.

Some of them such as alpine primrose and gold belong to the lily plant species protected under the Protection of Nature. A number of alpine relict species is also important, and is represented by us just for a few isolated localities. Forest communities in Mali Kalnik are also diverse.

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